Single Dad on Baby Shopping

OK if you are like me, you are downright scared to go out searching for baby things for your new born, to say ten years. It can get real hairy out there, you are simply bewildered as to where to go to get the real neat stuff for your little one; for that matter where to get anything at all, neat or not, and also what you are going to meet when you get there.

It had dawned on me one day, while trying to defend my right to the last Baby Phat jumpsuit in a local department store from a hefty mom who makes Mike Tyson look like Olive Oil, that men were not made to go shopping like that, especially after I lost that contest.

I have experienced days that seem to go on for weeks shopping for my 4 year old, and have actually returned home empty handed tired and frustrated. Baby things can prove to be difficult to shop for at times especially if you don’t have the genome for shopping like me, or if you are like me in another respect……..a single dad. Yes we do not have the luxury of simply retreating and tagging in our significant other to take over, no, we only have one way out when its crunch time….run!

Single dads don’t really have the constitution to shop for baby things…we like to just hand over the credit card, and the car keys and say “be back by noon”. we love the kids to death but when it comes to shopping for baby things… we are lost.We can go shopping for food though……yes we can spend the whole day at the fast food joint, but just the very thought of venturing into a department store to buy baby things, sends shudders down our spines…., we are scared to go in there to buy things for ourselves much less for a baby.And lord help the kid if he is not old enough to eat french fries and burgers, because that is all he going be getting until he can go to the store to buy his own baby formula.