Your One Stop Baby Shop

If Toys ‘R Us is a company that offers various toys for kids, what does Baby R Us offer? No way! It’s not babies! Baby R Us offers baby products.

In 1996, Westbury, New York, Baby R Us opened its first store. It has been immediately followed with opening six more branches on different locations at the end of the year. After tremendous expansion and joining the Baby Superstore chain, Baby R Us store count has reach 218 at the beginning of 2005. What a mammoth feat for a baby store, right?

Babies R Us is considered a pioneer in retailing premier baby products. It is said to be the biggest store chain in the world that provides baby products. They have stores and online stores that assist in giving a unique and fun shopping experience for their consumers. It has a state-of-the-art baby registry service that provides more convenience when shopping for your baby’s needs. Baby R Us also has a Mother’s room that attends to babies’ necessities.

It has an online store that contains various helpful features that include the following:

The Baby Registry service is a product of Babies R Us teaming up with Parents that are expecting their baby are permitted to create an online baby registry or update a registry that was set up on one of the Babies R Us stores nationwide. What this registry rids the parents is the inconvenience of surmounting geographic barriers and presumption of which products suit your baby. This way, when your friends and relatives plan to buy your baby a gift, it won’t be that much of a hassle anymore. All that they have to do is go online, select, buy and get the gift delivered to you on time. All the land-based Baby R Us stores allow all purchase returns as an added feature.

Baby R Us also constantly maintains a “Top Seller List” that usually include educational baby equipment, baby books, a pregnant mom’s book, diaper accessories, comfy baby bouncer, play gyms, baby call nursery monitors, a changing pad, monitors with dual receivers, an infant car seat base, baby wraps, toddler rockers, baby swings, nursery care kits, feeding bottle set, etc.

Baby R Us online store also allows browsers to check on different brands of baby products that suit their preferences. The following are the categories that Baby R Us provides various brands of products on: gear, activity, toys, nursery, health and safety, specialty stores, feeding, bath and potty, and clothing and layette.

Baby R Us also presents gift ideas to those who want to share some goodies to their little kids, nephews, nieces, granddaughter or grandsons. A gift set is always considered a hit in making parents with their babies smile with appreciation. These are often in baby gift basket forms that contain various items that deal with the parents and baby’s needs. There are also these “Parents Favorite” items and Babies R Us’ basic gift ideas that are never surmounted by novel items. Gift certificates are also available as treats to the parents-to-be. Baby R Us even added “new baby” or “pregnancy” e-card. Along with this e-card, the option of an e-mail or a paper gift certificate is still offered.

Babies R Us online even has this resource center page that includes various buying guides, checklists, articles, advices and other information that will both benefit the parents and the baby.

Single Dad on Baby Shopping

OK if you are like me, you are downright scared to go out searching for baby things for your new born, to say ten years. It can get real hairy out there, you are simply bewildered as to where to go to get the real neat stuff for your little one; for that matter where to get anything at all, neat or not, and also what you are going to meet when you get there.

It had dawned on me one day, while trying to defend my right to the last Baby Phat jumpsuit in a local department store from a hefty mom who makes Mike Tyson look like Olive Oil, that men were not made to go shopping like that, especially after I lost that contest.

I have experienced days that seem to go on for weeks shopping for my 4 year old, and have actually returned home empty handed tired and frustrated. Baby things can prove to be difficult to shop for at times especially if you don’t have the genome for shopping like me, or if you are like me in another respect……..a single dad. Yes we do not have the luxury of simply retreating and tagging in our significant other to take over, no, we only have one way out when its crunch time….run!

Single dads don’t really have the constitution to shop for baby things…we like to just hand over the credit card, and the car keys and say “be back by noon”. we love the kids to death but when it comes to shopping for baby things… we are lost.We can go shopping for food though……yes we can spend the whole day at the fast food joint, but just the very thought of venturing into a department store to buy baby things, sends shudders down our spines…., we are scared to go in there to buy things for ourselves much less for a baby.And lord help the kid if he is not old enough to eat french fries and burgers, because that is all he going be getting until he can go to the store to buy his own baby formula.

5 Reasons Why a Baby Might Cry

It has been a long day for you and your newborn. Your baby is being passed from one adoring relative to another and cuddled by everyone. Just when you think the baby is enjoying the attention too, they start crying! Relax, it may be because your baby is overwhelmed and tired. For a small baby, too much noise, light or movement can be quite a lot to handle.

However, how many times has it been when you just couldn’t figure out what your baby is trying to tell you by crying? If you are a parent of a newborn or are expecting a baby, it is time you familiarize yourself with crying patterns of a baby.

1. They are hungry

This is one of the most common reasons for a newborn’s crying. The younger a baby, the more likely it is that they will cry. Newborns need to be fed after every few hours, since their small stomachs cannot hold much food at a time. Some babies easily get worked up in hunger and when their feeding time starts, they start gulping in air with milk, causing spitting and more crying.

To avoid that, it is necessary that you pay attention to their crying. You can begin by feeding a baby and if they want to be fed, you can continue doing so.

2. They are tired

Insufficient sleep can make babies fussy. Newborns sleep as much as 16 hours. Some babies might need to get even more sleep. However, if they are overtired, they might find it hard to sleep. Your baby may give certain cues when they are feeling sleepy or tired such as yawning and fluttering their eyelids.

3. They are feeling too hot or cold

Babies might not like the feel of cold air when they are getting their nappy changed. Do a quick nappy change if you think your baby becomes fussy during bathing and changing.

Sometimes, your baby might feel hot because they are overdressed. Get some lightweight cellular blankets from a baby shop. These are cool in summer.

4. They need to be held

Your baby will need lots of cuddling in the first few days. Don’t worry that you might spoil them by holding them too much.

To make your baby feel more snug and secure, try swaddling them. Get a swaddling blanket from a baby shop.

5. They want to be moved

Gently rocking and swinging them can do the baby shop trick. Walk them around while rocking them. You could also take them for a ride outside in the stroller.