Baby Shopping List Revisited

In my previous article I gave a list of clothing items that you will need for the arrival of your newborn. Now I’ll turn your attention to other items that are just as necessary for when your baby comes. Now aside from clothing your baby will need a few pieces of equipment to be transported in, somewhere to sleep and something to bathe in.For those planning to decorate a specific room, nursery we’ll also explore the best options in terms of furniture etc.

As we all are aware the economic downturn has us more or less watching the pennies and as such we should be very wise with the impending spending. Not only are we looking at quality but also value for money and the functionality of the item for years to come. There are certain items that are not a very good investment as you will find that your baby will grow quite quickly. To give an example, its best to by a crib which will later be easily converted into a child’s bed. I’ve read on several forums, baby books etc where they encourage you not to splash out on expensive items and opt for second hand well kept equipment. But as its your first child many of us much prefer buying brand new stuff , then passing it down to siblings to come. This of course is totally up to you. When your baby comes he will need to be transported in a car seat. In the UK and other parts of the world I imagine, it is mandatory or the law that when leaving the hospital your baby is safely strapped in his or her car seat.

Instead of buying a carseat and push chair separately they have got the travel system which has the carseat and baby buggie or pushchair all in one, now thats a good investment. There are many mothers who prefer using a babysling for the convenience it provides. This is especially suited to a mom who is always on the go and wants not to be held back by a bulky travel system or pushchair. They may also be considering the storage factor as well.

Where sleeping is concerned a baby can fit quite comfortably in a bassinette or moses basket in the initial few weeks. If however you’re thinking of buying a cot or crib it is important that the baby’s bedding is light, the right size and comfortable. Sheets should be cotton and the mattress waterproof. The advantage of one having a moses basket or any of the baby beds for that matter is being able to have it by your bedside the initial six months or so as it is encouraged that you share the same room up to this time with your baby. For those among you opting to get a baby crib it isn’t necessary to get the cot bumper. It impedes air circulation and may make your baby too hot. Yes there’re all pretty but more decorative rather than a necessity. But then its your choice. Your baby’s room should be draft free and if he does appear cold you are encouraged to add layers of sheet instead of just one big blanket or fleece as babies overheat quite quickly.

You’ll see baby books, brochures and websites encouraging you to get all these baby furniture which you probably won’t have that much use for and one of them I find has to be a changing table. It has the advantage of you not having to bend over too much and the convenience of the storage space. If this is what you want thats fine. But you can also consider having a sturdy table top designated only for changing and place a plastic changing mat a top it. For bathing your baby will need to have his own bath tub or bathing pail which should be sturdy and plastic. There is nothing else much to this one. You can get your bath toys but need not rush to get this, not until your baby is more aware of his surroundings which happens anytime from six weeks onward…. it may even be earlier as each child develops at a different pace.

For those of you getting a coronary decorating your babies nursery, breathe, it’ll be fine if you cover the necessaries. This designated space for your baby should tick all the boxes in that bathing, sleeping, changing, dressing and feeding can be done. The room doesn’t have to be over the top or contain really expensive furniture. It needs to be clean and adaptable as your child grows older. For the room you need to have a chest of drawers for storing clothing and other items and the crib or cot. The lighting in the room should not be too bright especially for the times when you want to quietly creep in the room without being noticed, you could consider installing a light dimmer, making the room brighter or dim as you please. The floors and walls of the nursery should be warm and easily cleaned. Walls being painted in non toxic, washable emulsion paint and if opting to use wall paper have it wiped clean and ensure it doesn’t stain.

Finally the windows and curtains should provide the room with good ventilation but not to be drafty. Having blinds and curtains block the light from coming in when it is nap time.

Among the other items you could purchase from birth could be a musical cot mobile as it is attached to the crib or cot and hangs down to provide entertainment for your loved one. Purchasing a brightly coloured mobile will stimulate your young baby and the music provides a new noisy environment. When buying toys for your newborn ensure they are all highly coloured, light weight, not easy to swallow or designed so they trap your newborns tiny fingers. Following these simple and doable tips will make for a less stressful time for all involved.

Source: Conception, Pregnancy and Birth by Miriam Stoppard