5 Reasons Why a Baby Might Cry

It has been a long day for you and your newborn. Your baby is being passed from one adoring relative to another and cuddled by everyone. Just when you think the baby is enjoying the attention too, they start crying! Relax, it may be because your baby is overwhelmed and tired. For a small baby, too much noise, light or movement can be quite a lot to handle.

However, how many times has it been when you just couldn’t figure out what your baby is trying to tell you by crying? If you are a parent of a newborn or are expecting a baby, it is time you familiarize yourself with crying patterns of a baby.

1. They are hungry

This is one of the most common reasons for a newborn’s crying. The younger a baby, the more likely it is that they will cry. Newborns need to be fed after every few hours, since their small stomachs cannot hold much food at a time. Some babies easily get worked up in hunger and when their feeding time starts, they start gulping in air with milk, causing spitting and more crying.

To avoid that, it is necessary that you pay attention to their crying. You can begin by feeding a baby and if they want to be fed, you can continue doing so.

2. They are tired

Insufficient sleep can make babies fussy. Newborns sleep as much as 16 hours. Some babies might need to get even more sleep. However, if they are overtired, they might find it hard to sleep. Your baby may give certain cues when they are feeling sleepy or tired such as yawning and fluttering their eyelids.

3. They are feeling too hot or cold

Babies might not like the feel of cold air when they are getting their nappy changed. Do a quick nappy change if you think your baby becomes fussy during bathing and changing.

Sometimes, your baby might feel hot because they are overdressed. Get some lightweight cellular blankets from a baby shop. These are cool in summer.

4. They need to be held

Your baby will need lots of cuddling in the first few days. Don’t worry that you might spoil them by holding them too much.

To make your baby feel more snug and secure, try swaddling them. Get a swaddling blanket from a baby shop.

5. They want to be moved

Gently rocking and swinging them can do the baby shop trick. Walk them around while rocking them. You could also take them for a ride outside in the stroller.