Baby Shopping Cart Covers – A Safer Seat For Your Baby

There is a relatively new product that is becoming more and more popular with parents, grandparents and babysitters alike that allow a baby or toddler to be protected from the germs that are on those dreaded grocery store carts – not to mention, they are also cushy so they add comfort for the little ones and also have fun colors and patterns that really attracts their attention.

This clever little invention is not only user friendly, but one-handed user friendly as the maker realizes you will most likely be holding your little one in one arm while you secure the cover with the other. It takes about 10 seconds to throw the cover into place and secures with Velcro straps. Once you have your baby or toddler buckled in the shopping cart cover, you also have the option of using a bottle pocket, toy pocket, multiple loop attachments which allows you to secure small toys and pacifiers so the child cannot throw toys or pacifiers on the dirty store floor.

There are also Double Shopping Cart covers for those who have two small children. They have extra storage and a “mommy pocket” for diapers, wipes, sippy cups etc.

The shopping cart covers are 100% cotton and therefore 100% washable so having more than one is always nice to be able to rotate in and out of the wash so you always have a clean one – it’s also fun to have different patterns to play with depending on the child’s mood and they can also have fun getting to “pick” which cover they get to bring along. The covers fold easily into a tote or diaper bag for carrying and storage. In addition to fitting into all grocery store shopping carts, these covers can also be used on park swings and on restaurant high chairs. Some models can also be used as car seat covers – which anyone caring for a toddler can appreciate!

I really love that this product is available for our little ones. The most important thing is that it protects them from the germs that are inevitable on grocery carts, swings and public high chairs without this cover , but what I also love is that it’s a great gift for baby showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, christenings, birthdays, etc. Some websites offer custom made covers where you can add the baby’s name – which is always a nice touch. I’m always on the search for a really nice, unique gift and not only is this one of those products, but this is actually extremely useful – the recipient will really appreciate it – and so will the baby – those grocery cart seats can’t be comfortable.

5 Reasons Why a Baby Might Cry

It has been a long day for you and your newborn. Your baby is being passed from one adoring relative to another and cuddled by everyone. Just when you think the baby is enjoying the attention too, they start crying! Relax, it may be because your baby is overwhelmed and tired. For a small baby, too much noise, light or movement can be quite a lot to handle.

However, how many times has it been when you just couldn’t figure out what your baby is trying to tell you by crying? If you are a parent of a newborn or are expecting a baby, it is time you familiarize yourself with crying patterns of a baby.

1. They are hungry

This is one of the most common reasons for a newborn’s crying. The younger a baby, the more likely it is that they will cry. Newborns need to be fed after every few hours, since their small stomachs cannot hold much food at a time. Some babies easily get worked up in hunger and when their feeding time starts, they start gulping in air with milk, causing spitting and more crying.

To avoid that, it is necessary that you pay attention to their crying. You can begin by feeding a baby and if they want to be fed, you can continue doing so.

2. They are tired

Insufficient sleep can make babies fussy. Newborns sleep as much as 16 hours. Some babies might need to get even more sleep. However, if they are overtired, they might find it hard to sleep. Your baby may give certain cues when they are feeling sleepy or tired such as yawning and fluttering their eyelids.

3. They are feeling too hot or cold

Babies might not like the feel of cold air when they are getting their nappy changed. Do a quick nappy change if you think your baby becomes fussy during bathing and changing.

Sometimes, your baby might feel hot because they are overdressed. Get some lightweight cellular blankets from a baby shop. These are cool in summer.

4. They need to be held

Your baby will need lots of cuddling in the first few days. Don’t worry that you might spoil them by holding them too much.

To make your baby feel more snug and secure, try swaddling them. Get a swaddling blanket from a baby shop.

5. They want to be moved

Gently rocking and swinging them can do the baby shop trick. Walk them around while rocking them. You could also take them for a ride outside in the stroller.

Baby High Chairs

Nowadays, more and more parents are opting to take wooden high chairs for their new-born. The times have gone when parents used to buy those plastic, bright colored chairs or the chrome plated highs. Actually, the mindset is changing and the parents now know that the wooden chairs go well with their other furniture stuff, the pieces they had chosen after so much of mind work.

Who can deny the point that wooden furniture is stylish and on the other hand, metal ones go incongruous with the other wooden items you have chosen. Yes, metal chairs have one advantage i.e. they are foldable and hence, portable. But, isn’t it that you don’t find them mixing well in the room or the storage places?

When you go for the common furniture, you seem to keep some or the other point in your mind and mind it, wooden items will fit them positively. The normal selections for dining room furniture are Oak, Maple and Cherry. The high chairs come good in these types and their finish job is great, it matches other furniture. No matter you like modern or old fashioned items, wooden ones will always go well.

Now, coming to the babies, their high chairs must be wooden, the specialists say that. Along with this, there are some other points to be kept in mind. The high chair must have single-handed operable front tray release, which will help you get the baby in and out of it easily.

One more point to be kept in mind is that the workmanship needs to be there. A wooden item is durable not only because of the wood used, but also due to the workmanship. Those of high quality will have their joints in natural joints, like dovetail ones. These are much better than the screwed ones. A five strap harness is ideal for keeping the baby annexed to the chair, until, of course, you want him out. A high chair must also be stable.

The wooden chairs have some problems though. One problem is of shifting the wooden chairs over the carpeted areas, which is comparatively very easy with the plastic/metal chairs. Also, the height adjustment feature misses out in the wooden chairs, available again in the plastic and metal ones.

Wooden high chairs come up in varieties with more styles and configurations. Lots of models are available in the market. In order to get a good bargain, do some homework. Prepare lists and then select the chair models.

There is one more thing. If you don’t plan to buy a wooden chair for now, plan for it, you have ample time for that. Anyway, you will need to do that sooner or later. Search good baby shops, baby stores and all. Even go for some online baby shops and baby stores. The last minute hassle won’t help you. Go through many products and models beforehand and then select the best for your loved one.